Timelapse Photography Experiment – Long Pond VT

Improvised Dog Mat for Kayaks

My dog loves to go kayaking, and her favorite position is to ride on the bow. Unfortunately, it gets a little slippery up there making it a) hard for her to relax b) more likely that she will fall in. So I searched the web for something that might exist to address this. I Googled, I Amazoned, hell I even Pinterested, but I couldn’t find anything like a specialty mat or platform that would work.

So then I started to think about how I could address this problem in a DIY way. What could I use as a non-skid, non-slip, surface that is meant for use in the water? A BATH MAT!

I ended up buying this mat from Amazon because it was nice and long, not too thick (for easy cutting), and had lots of little tiny suction cup feet on the bottom. At first I just planned on sliding it under the deck cords but then decided to unscrew the eye pads. lay the pad down, and then screw the eye pads back down through the mat to make it a little more snug fitting.

It was a huge success, giving Pepper the extra traction she needed to relax, she even felt safe enough to sit down (a first). Because it worked so well I figured that I would post this for any other paddlers out there that like to take their dog with them. Enjoy.

Jar of Hearts by the Zoe Leach Performers

Zoe’s First Piano Recital

Leach Mountain is Open

Jack Turns 4


Baby Spiders


Sunset Over the Northeast Kingdom


Super Moon

Taken at Midnight on May 5th from northern Vermont




Abandoned Boat in St. Johnsbury, VT

The Train Plow


This shot is part of an on-going series that I am working on called DECAYdence. Which is one part documentary that shows the “the evidence” of the human existence we are leaving behind AND just my love for taking pictures of junk.

Was out on a drive-about through town and stumbled across the abandoned train plow.


The Prowler

This shot is part of an on-going series that I am working on called DECAYdence. Which is one part documentary that shows the “the evidence” of the human existence we are leaving behind AND just my love for taking pictures of junk.

Paddlelogue 4/2012 – Upper Connecticut River – Coleman, VT to Guildhall, VT

This was the first overnight trip of the year, and it was highly anticipated. Not just because we would be paddling the only stretch of the Connecticut River still classified as wild and untamed, or because we wanted to see how cold we could be and still sleep compfortably in a Hammock, but because we just love being out there – on the water. To the point where a couple of buddies made the 4 hour drive up from Connecticut and sufffered through the 5 hour return ride home. It’s a guy thing.

Our enthusiasm did get the best of us. What was suppose to be an easy 20 miles “let’s paddle, fish, and make camp early”, turned into a 30 mile trip where we did all we could to make camp before sunset (and then pull out before sunset the next day). The draw to a longer trip was that the preceding 10 miles to our original put-in had some nice current, and due to low water levels, a few rapids – something that the Connecticut River rarely provides. But our reward of fast water on the first day quickly turned into punishment on the second day.

As our energy and the sun started to wane, so did the current. Lot’s of switchback in the river with a driving headwind made the last 10 miles a lot more work then we had anticipated. But it lifted off the winter cobwebs and we’re ready for some more paddling adventures this year.



Zoe’s 7th Birthday

Lucky # 7


Hike in Franconia Notch

Took Zoe and Jack out for a little hike in the Basin in Franconia Notch, NH.  I grew up goofing around these mountains and I hope that Zoe and Jack  grow to enjoy it as well.

Zoe’s First Solo Paddle

I couldn’t be prouder of Zoe. She took Kaca’s adult kayak for the first time and paddled almost a mile and half under her own steam. She already wants to know when she can get her own kayak. Soon kiddo.

Invasion of the Housatonic

RATED R – Viewer Discretion is Advised due to Adult Language and the consumption of copious amounts of beer. – The Pirate of the Connecticut Invaded the Housatonic River in Massachusetts and pulling out in Connecticut. Debauchery! Arrrr Mateys!

First Camping Trip in “the Czamper” – Maine 2011

May CT River Trip

Andy, Jay and I took an overnighter down the CT river, launching from E. Barnet on the Passumpsic River and into the Connecticut River pulling out in Woodsville, NH. Unfortunately Andy and I both capsizing and Andy’s near drowning experience were not captured for the record. Neither was the goose that ran headlong into the bridge crashing in the water beside Andy (but you see the result). Good times.

First River Trip of 2011

Andy and I took a quick ride down a bloated Passumpsic River. Good times as always!

Clown Girl

Zoe’s 6th Birthday

Concord Trucks